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As an authorised Garrett service & repair centre, we offer the best possible products, technical back- up and services available on a whole range of applications, including: Passenger Car, Plant, Industrial, Commercial, Marine and Agricultural.

AR Turbo have a vast knowledge and years of experience in the Turbocharger aftermarket industry.You can be sure that AR Turbo Engineering have all the attributes to supply you with a top quality replacement Turbocharger.

Calibration of turbochargers is a vital part of the manufacturing process. The machine you see below (Vibration Sort Rig) is capable of balancing a turbocharger in excess of 250,000 rpm. If modern day turbochargers are not calibrated with this machine it is possible that the turbocharger will either be very noisy or will fail prematurely.

replacement turbocharger

Below are screenshots of the VSR in operation showing how turbos appear before and after calibration. Garrett tolerances are to achieve the following:

0 rpm to 90,000 rpm below 0.65g

90,000 rpm to 168,000 rpm below 2.0g

1st image shows vibration/balance level as being acceptable, slightly high but still within tolerance. 2nd Image shows units well below Garrett's recommended levels (a policy AR Turbo adhere to when vsr checks are done)

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